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Welcome to Magic Image Resizer software!

Magic Image Resizer is a simple yet powerful and professional tool for resizing digital images in JPG (JPEG), GIF and BMP formats. It was carefully designed and this are the results:
  • it is very effective so the users can resize a large number of pictures with little or no work at all
  • it is very easy to use so even the next-door neighbor or his mom can use it without having to go through a special training
  • it is small in size so it fits fit even on a digital camera memory drive and it still leaves space for pictures
  • it supports all popular graphic formats (jpg, gif, bmp)
The developers here at Magic Project think we have reached those goals by developing Magic Image Resizer.

Magic Image Resizer is used to resize pictures in most popular graphic formats. It resizes them in batch mode, which means that the user can select hundreds of images, select desired size and just click the Resize button. The program does everything else. The images will keep the original aspect ratio so you don't have to worry about 'weird' sized pictures you see on some web sites. You also don't need to make backups of original pictures because Magic Image Resizer puts the resized images to a special sub-folder it creates. This way the original images are preserved for possible further processing.

Why would you need resized images? Well, the world of digital cameras has developed in last years so much, that the ordinary photo takes from one up to several megabytes. But the people who have taken them still want to share them with others, that is send them to friends and family or put them on a web site so the whole world can see them. But this can be a problem. I'm sure you have seen several web sites that show digital photos. Imagine what you would have done if each photo would be 3 megabytes large? Yes, you would leave the page as soon as possible. And it's even worse with several megabytes large e-mails in your mailbox!

It's true, you can use professional image editing software for resizing images. Sure, you have spent $300 for it, why not use it? You may discover that it's fun to resize each image one by one. But only for the first 50 images, after that you'll wish for a tool that resizes all the images at once.

All those reasons make Magic Image Resizer a tool that you need and a tool you'll miss if you stop using it. Make sure you download it and try it now (works on older 32bit versions of Windows 95 up to 32bit and 64bit Windows 10)!

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