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Here you can order the key code (registration code) for the latest version of Magic Image Resizer. By registering the product you can use it not only for 30 days, like the unregistered version, but you buy the licence for unlimited use. After you register the program the nag window will also disappear.

After buying the licence you will receive the key code by e-mail. When you run the program next time, enter the key code and the program will be registered.

Use the following payment methods to buy the program.

Licence type Payment methods Click image to buy
single user licence (download)

family licence (download software)
Sold out!

How to register the program after you have received the keycode?
  1. Download: the best way to get the program is to download it from the official site: http://www.resizer.info/download.php.
  2. Save the file to your hard disk, but remeber where you have saved it.
  3. The file you've just downloaded is a setup file. It's not a program itself, it's just a program that helps you configure the program so it's easier to access.
  4. Run the file you've downloaded (if you haven't changed th file name then its name is imageresizer_setup.exe).
  5. Follow the installation process - it should be easy and straightforward as 'Next', 'Next', 'Finish'.
  6. After the installation the program is installed to your computer. You can find it by oppenening 'Start', 'Programs' and then 'Magic Image Resizer'.
  7. After the program runs, it will ask you for a registration code. Copy it from the e-mail you have received and paste it into the program.
  8. Confirm and the setup and registration are complete.

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